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Help #ZapZikaBroward: Tip, Toss, and Treat
Posted Date: 7/28/2017 2:00 PM

The Zika virus is carried by a species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti. This type of mosquito, called a container mosquito, needs very little water to breed, can breed indoors and outdoors, bites day or night, and can cause severe birth defects such as microcephaly to unborn children of pregnant women.

Broward County reminds us that the fight against the Zika virus requires a community effort. Here's how you can help:
  • TIP containers holding standing water around your property to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats. Pet bowls, children's toys, small pools, etc. should be emptied every three days. 
  • TOSS unneeded items that can hold water, such as old tires, palm fronds or old planters. 
  • TREAT bromeliads or any larger items that can't be tipped, such as bird baths and rain barrels, with larvicide containing BTi or Spinosad.
For additional information and resources, visit, or call the Broward County Mosquito Control Division: (954) 765-4062.