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Be Part of our Sustainability Action Plan

Sunrise SAP Coming Soon

A Sustainable City is one that builds economic, environmental, and social prosperity while ensuring it has essential resources for future generations.

The City of Sunrise is currently developing a Sustainability Action Plan - the Sunrise SAP. The Sunrise SAP will provide guiding principles and recommendations to proactively increase resiliency and improve the sustainability of the City across its departments and within the community.

Thank you for your comments and support!

The public comment period has ended. We received over 300 responses to the Sunrise Sustainability Survey, and dozens of comments via email and from public meeting participants. The Sunrise City Commission was briefed on the Sunrise SAP Draft document on October 9, 2018, in a public meeting. We are hoping to have the Sunrise SAP finalized in 2019.

Developing the Sunrise SAP
Creating a sustainability action plan is a data intensive process. For the Sunrise SAP, the process began with the collection of significant data from the City and outside sources of information.

Gap Analysis. Effective sustainability planning begins with an understanding of Sunrise’s current performance, which provides a starting point against which progress can be measured. A Gap Analysis was completed to review areas where the City could improve data collection.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The greenhouse gas inventory allows Sunrise to understand its contribution to heat-trapping pollution changing the climate. It includes both citywide (Community) and Municipal Operations (local government) emissions sources.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Forecast. While a greenhouse gas inventory is a baseline for measuring and reporting emissions, a greenhouse gas forecast projects changes in emissions over time. The projection estimates how factors such as population growth, energy use, water use, and transportation demands might affect emissions under a business-as-usual scenario (which assumes no policy or technology changes are implemented that would affect the greenhouse gas baseline).

Baseline Assessment. Establishing a baseline assessment for key sustainability performance areas is crucial in order to identify opportunities and quantify progress. Baselines of Sunrise’s use of electricity, natural gas, water, fleet energy, and waste management energy were developed utilizing data from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Vulnerability Assessment. The Vulnerability Assessment is an analysis of the potential current and future climate change hazards related to sea-level rise and flood risks from precipitation and weather events for Sunrise. The report provides high-level analysis and literature-based review of current and future flooding and precipitation vulnerability within Sunrise.

Last updated: 3/25/2019 11:39:26 AM