Engineering Permit & Inspection Process

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An Engineering Permit is required to construct physical improvements within public right-of-way under the City of Sunrise's jurisdiction, construct physical site related improvements on private property located within the City's corporate limits, construct water and wastewater (sewer) improvements within the City's utility service area, and perform landscape/irrigation improvements on private property or within City right-of-way. An Engineering Permit must be obtained from the Engineering Division of the Community Development Department prior to the start of any work. Please refer to the appropriate section(s) below for further guidance on Engineering Permits and Inspections. If there are any questions regarding the Engineering Permit process, please contact the Community Development Department, Engineering Division, at 954-746-3270.

Work that Requires an Engineering Permit

Inspection Process 1Below is a general description of improvements that require an Engineering Permit from the City of Sunrise Engineering Division for different property types and locations. For more detailed information on the work each specific Engineering Permit covers, refer to the sections below: Engineering Permit Types and/or Engineering Permit Requirements. In addition to the requirements of the Engineering Division, there may be additional permits or approvals required by other governmental entities such as the City's Building Division, other Governing Municipalities, Broward County, Central Broward Water Control District, South Florida Water Management District, State of Florida, or Federal Agencies.

City of Sunrise Public Right-of-Way - Any physical improvement(s) (i.e. paving, curbing, sidewalk, underground utilities, landscaping, hardscape, irrigation, signage & striping, traffic signals, directional boring) located within the City's right-of-way or the altering of traffic patterns within City right-of-way requires an Engineering Permit. To determine if a roadway is City right-of-way, view the City Roadway Delineation Map [PDF]. Franchise utility companies are not exempt from permitting requirements; however, the initial permit fee is waived.

Private Property within the City of Sunrise Corporate Limits - Any physical site related improvements (i.e. sidewalk, paving, curbing, drainage, water, sewer, excavation, restriping, landscaping, irrigation, directional bore) on private property located within the City, including residential, non-residential, and private right-of-way. Typical work on a single-family residence that requires an Engineering Permit is installation/replacement/expansion of driveway, installation/replacement of sidewalk, removal/replacement of tree(s), and tree trimming.

Water & Wastewater (Sewer) Improvements within the City of Sunrise Utility Service Area - Any water or wastewater (sewer) improvements located within the City of Sunrise Utility Service Area. To determine if a property is located within this area, please contact 954-746-3277. Permits are required for taps and tie-ins for installation of service lines and laterals.

Engineering Permit Types

The following is a list of Engineering Permits and the construction activity that each permit covers. All work must be completed in accordance with the City of Sunrise's policies, procedures, standard details and specifications, the City's Code of Ordinances, and all County, State, and/or Federal requirements.

  • Curb Permit - Installation, replacement, and repair of curb
  • Directional Bore Permit - Any directional boring/drilling or jack and boring activity
  • Drainage Permit* - Installation, replacement, and demolition/removal of drainage pipe, drainage structures, retention/detention areas, underground surface water storage, grading of swales, lake banks or canal banks, and associated surface water management improvements including maintenance/cleaning
  • Driveway (Paving) Permit -Installation of a residential driveway made of asphalt, concrete, or pavers for new construction, existing single-family, or existing multifamily residence
  • Excavation of Below Ground Facilities Permit - Installation and removal of underground storage tanks (i.e. gas tanks, cisterns)
  • Excavation of Canals Permit - Excavation for a canal
  • Excavation of Lakes Permit - Excavation for a lake
  • Final Site Permit - Final site inspection for each building on a new construction or redevelopment project that consists of construction of a new building or alteration to the exterior of an existing building
  • Irrigation Permit* - Installation of new irrigation system or expansion of existing system. Single-family properties are exempt.
  • Landscaping Permit - Installation of new landscape material for new construction or redevelopment projects
  • Maintenance of Traffic Permit - Temporary modification of traffic patterns within City right-of-way or on private property when major construction affects parking lot circulation and traffic patterns
  • Miscellaneous Irrigation Permit - Maintenance of existing irrigation system to ensure code compliance with Chapter 16-163(b) of the City of Sunrise Code of Ordinances
  • Paving - Installation of new pavement either asphalt, concrete, or pavers including required signage and striping (not including residential driveways, see Driveway Permit above)
  • Repaving / Restriping Permit - Repaving, resurfacing, or overlay and the associated signage and restriping of parking lot or roadway and/or asphalt patch work
  • Resealing Permit - Restriping of a parking lot or roadway and any associated signage and resealing
  • Road Cut and Restoration Permit - Open cut of a roadway, drive aisle, alley way, etc. and the restoration of the associated paved area including signage and striping
  • Sewer Permit - Installation, replacement, and demolition/removal of gravity sewer system, forcemain system, lift station, associated taps, tie-ins, and laterals
  • Sewer Service (Tie-in) Permit - Tie-in to sewer main for lateral and installation of lateral up to cleanout
  • Sidewalk Permit - Installation, replacement, and repair of sidewalk
  • Site Preparation Permit - Clearing and grubbing of a site and/or installation of erosion control measures including demolition of paving, curbing, and sidewalk
  • Tree Removal/Replacement Permit - Removal of any tree (including tree(s) removed prior to receiving permit) and replacement of tree(s) that was removed and/or relocation of a tree
  • Tree Trimming Permit - Trimming of any tree including palms
  • Water Permit - Installation, replacement, and demolition/removal of watermain, fire hydrant, fire lines (up to 1st OS&Y valve of DDCV), associated taps and service lines
  • Water Service (Tap) Permit - Tap of watermain for water service line and installation of service line up to meter

*Note: The Building Division also requires a Drainage and Irrigation permit. Please contact the Building Division at 954-572-2354 for more information.

Engineering Permit Requirements

The specific requirements for each permit type including submittal requirements, construction requirements, license requirements, restrictions, and inspections is located in the Permit Requirements document. All work must be completed in accordance with the City of Sunrise's policies, procedures, standard details and specifications, the City's Code of Ordinances, and all County, State, and/or Federal requirements.

Who Can Obtain an Engineering Permit

For a single-family property, the homeowner can apply for all permits with the exception of any of the underground utility permits. If a homeowner is hiring a contractor, the City recommends the contractor obtain the permit to help verify license requirements; please refer to Tips on Selecting a Contractor [PDF]. All underground utility permits (Drainage, Sewer, Sewer Service, Water, Water Service) require a licensed underground contractor to obtain the permit and perform the work. The contractor requirements for who can obtain an Engineering Permit are dependent on the permit type. The license requirements for each permit type are located within the Permit Requirements for each permit.

Application Process and Fees

In order to obtain an Engineering Permit, a completed Engineering Permit Application [PDF] must be submitted to the Community Development Department, Engineering Division, at 1601 NW 136th Avenue, Building A, Sunrise, Florida 33323 along with all other Permit Requirements. The fees for Engineering Permits are listed in the Fee Schedule [PDF] which has been adopted by the City Commission. All work that begins prior to receiving an approved permit will be charged a double fee.

Contractor Registration

All contractors obtaining Engineering Permits, including Landscape and Irrigation permits, must register annually with the City at the Community Development Department, Building Division located at 1607 NW 136th Avenue, Building B, Sunrise, Florida 33323 by completing a Contractor's Registration Form [PDF] and submitting the required information as stated in the registration form. All contractors must keep their licenses, insurance, workers compensation, and business tax receipt current in order to obtain permits. Please note that contractor registrations expire September 30th of every year and there is a $4 annual registration fee. Information can be mailed to 1607 NW 136th Avenue, Building B, Sunrise, Florida 33323 or faxed to 954-572-2357.

Permit Process for New Development/Redevelopment

In order to obtain the applicable Engineering Permits for a new development or redevelopment project, the site plan and engineering plans must be approved by the City of Sunrise Community Development Department. Once the associated plans are approved, a preconstruction meeting must take place prior to the issuance of Engineering Permits. A Site Preparation Permit and/or Tree Removal/Replacement Permit may be obtained prior to a preconstruction meeting. In order to schedule a preconstruction meeting, all applicable items on the Preconstruction Checklist must be complete. Inside City Checklist [PDF] or Outside City Checklist [PDF]. To schedule the preconstruction meeting, please contact the Engineering Aide at 954-746-3284. Please note approved engineering plans are not permits.

Required Inspections

The required inspections for each permit type are located in the Permit Requirements document .  Please note these are typical requirements and other inspections may be required depending on the scope of work for the permit. If a permit has been issued, the required inspections are located on the back side of the permit/permit card. If an inspection is failed, there will be a reinspection fee per the Fee Schedule [PDF]. If you have questions regarding inspection requirements or about a specific inspection contact one of the Engineering Inspectors at 954-746-3270. If you have questions regarding inspection requirements for any of the landscape related permits, contact the Urban Forester at 954-746-3272.

Request Inspection

Inspections can be requested online for permits approved after August 2, 2010, or by calling the Community Development Department at 954-746-3270 Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. For permits approved prior to August 2, 2010, inspections must be called in. Inspections will typically be completed within three (3) business days, with the exception of specific inspections that require the scheduling of the engineer of record and other construction team members (i.e. pressure test, lamping, final site permit inspections, any final inspection of a permit, etc.). The final scheduling of these specific inspections will be coordinated by the Engineering Inspector after the inspection request has occurred and will typically be completed within one to two weeks. If an inspection is requested after 7:00 AM, that day will not be included in the three (3) day period referenced above.

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