Ethics in Government

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Since the initial adoption of the Sunrise Code of Ethics in 1985, the City of Sunrise has been committed to ethical and transparent government. In addition to strengthening the Code of Ethics from time to time, in 2007 the Sunrise City Commission designed a comprehensive means of monitoring and regulating lobbyists' activities and expenditures. The Broward County Commission augmented these practices by extending their uniform standards governing behavior and reporting to all Broward County municipal elected officials and lobbyists.

City Commission Disclosure Documents Database 
Sunrise maintains a searchable online database of Disclosure Documents, including the Outside/Concurrent Employment Disclosure Form, the Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Form, campaign finance forms, the Campaign Fundraising for Other Candidates Form, the Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests, Certification of Training Requirement for Newly Elected Officials, and Certification of Meeting Annual Training Requirement.

Lobbyist Registration Overview
In December 2007, the City of Sunrise designed a comprehensive means of monitoring lobbyists' activities and expenditures. The City Code requires lobbyists to register annually each fiscal year with the City Clerk and to identify the principal for whom he or she lobbies. Lobbyists are also required to file annual expense reports. Currently there is no fee to register as a lobbyist.The City of Sunrise prohibits lobbying activity in connection with the City's procurement process.

Registered Lobbyists
The City of Sunrise maintains a searchable online database of Registered Lobbyists.

Lobbyist Registration Forms are available on the Lobbyist Registration page.

Lobbyist Contact Log
In accordance with Broward County Ordinance 15-55 and to promote full and complete transparency, lobbyists who lobby an Elected Official must, contemporaneously with the lobbying activity or as soon thereafter as is practicable (but in any event within three (3) business days after the lobbying activity occurs), are required to complete a contact log.

The obligation to complete the contact log above applies regardless of the location of the lobbying activity and applies whether the activity occurs in person, by telephone, by electronic communication, by video conference, or in writing. 
Registered lobbyists may connect to the Lobbyist Contact Log logon screen via this link: City of Sunrise Lobbyist Contact Log Link.

Lobbyist Contact Database
The City of Sunrise maintains searchable online database of its Lobbyist Contact Log