Landscaping & Irrigation

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Landscape 2Landscaping is a component of the Engineering Division in the Community Development Department and is responsible for the design review, permitting, and inspections of landscaping and irrigation with the City. The City of Sunrise has numerous code requirements for existing and proposed residential and non-residential properties; please refer to Chapter 16, Article VIII of the City of Sunrise Codes of Ordinances for code requirements. Irrigation is reviewed by this Division with relation to Chapter 16 of the City of Sunrise Code of Ordinances. Please note the Building Division reviews irrigation for Florida Building Code related items.

For more information regarding landscaping and irrigation items related to design plan review, please refer to the Site Plan Review by Engineering and Landscaping page. For more information regarding permits including the type of work requiring a permit, permit submittal requirements, construction requirements, license requirements, restrictions, and inspections, please see the Engineering Permit Process webpage. For questions regarding any landscape or irrigation items, please contact the Urban Forester at 954-746-3272.

Please feel free to download the Approved Plant List. - Updated 1/10/13