Commercial Signage Regulations

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Directional Sign 1

The City of Sunrise offers different types of signs that commercial properties may display in front of their business and throughout their property.   The following signs with the exception of the sandwich board signs require a building permit with the City of Sunrise. A permit must be obtained prior to the installation of any sign.

Ground Signs: Often referred to as monument signs, these are the large signs seen at the entrance of shopping plazas.  Each property is allowed to have one ground sign.  The sign must be at least ten (10) feet from the right of way and out of any site triangles.  The maximum overall height for a ground sign is six (6) feet.  Properties that have less than two-hundred (200) feet of building street frontage can have a maximum of thirty-six (36) square feet for their ground sign, where properties with more than two-hundred (200) feet of street frontage can have sixty (60) square feet.  Ground signs can either list the name of the shopping plaza or list tenants.  However, all ground signs must list the address range and must be surrounded by a bed of landscaping.

Canopy Sign

Directional Signs:  Directional signs are signs that are located within the property or at an entrance and list a few business names and a direction showing their location.  A site may have up to six (6) of these types of signs, they can be four (4) feet in height but can only list names of business or non-commercial phrases such as “thank you” or “entrance/exit”.

Wall Signs: Every business is allowed one wall sign to be displayed at their main entrance.   Size of signs are based on the width of the bay.  Each sign can have one (1) square foot for each linear foot of unit or bay space.  Signs which are in a multi-tenant plaza, must all be the same color and have the same type of mounting and illumination.


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Canopy Signs: Canopy signs are often found above doorways or hanging from the ceiling of a walkway.  They are intended for pedestrians walking a plaza to identify upcoming stores.  Each business is allowed one canopy sign that is no more than three (3) square feet.  These signs must be compatible with the colors of the shopping plaza.


Directory Signs: Directory signs are a listing of tenants in a building or shopping center that helps pedestrians locate stores within the plaza.  Each building is allowed to have one (1) sixty-four (64) square foot sign.  This sign could be mounted to a wall or be freestanding.


Sandwich SignSandwich Signs:  Sandwich signs are moveable, often A-frame type signs that could list information for pedestrians walking by a business.  Each business is allowed one (1) sign, which can be a maximum of four (4) feet tall and two (2) feet wide.  These signs can be located in front of the business, provided that they do not block an accessible walkway or path and are only displayed during business hours.


Business Signage Relief Until December 31, 2020


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