Commercial Window Signage Regulations

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The City of Sunrise offers four different types of window signs that commercial properties may display.  Please remember that when placing these signs in your windows, that the City of Sunrise follows the CPTED guidelines (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).  This means, that you should avoid any conflict with visibility at an entrance or exit or display your signs in such a way so that you completely block the visibility of any section of your store. The following signs are allowed in the City of Sunrise without a permit, however, City code enforcement officers will issue violation notices for signs that exceed the requirements for these signs.

Window Identification SignWindow Identification Sign: This is a sign that might state the name of your business or its common use.    This sign could also list your address and phone number.  You are allowed one per business; the sign cannot be more than 25% of the total window area.  The sign must be designed in a professional manner and can be hung on or in the window.

Window Message Sign:  This type of sign can contain an advertising message.  The size of the letters can be no more than 7 inches in height, must be designed in a professional manner and can be no more than 25% of the total window area.

Window Hours of Operation Sign:  Each business is allowed one sign which displays the hours of operation for the store.  The sign can be no more than three and half (3.5) square feet, must be designed in a professional manner and can be hung in or on the window.

Window Open Sign:  Each business is allowed to have one (1) open sign that is no more than six (6) square feet sign and can illuminate to show if the business is open or closed.

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