Outdoor Restaurant Permit

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In October 2010, the City Commission created Outdoor Restaurant Permit regulations. The ability of a restaurant business to have outdoor seating is determined by the location of the seating area in relation to the building and other factors, as listed in Section 16-112 of City Code of Ordinances.

The code defined three type of restaurants:


 Stand Alone

Stand Alone

Internal Pedestrian (Mall)

 Outdoor Seating

 External Pedestrian Area (Commercial Strip Center)

External Pedestrian Area (Commercial Strip Center)

Outdoor live entertainment




Within 500 feet of residential

 May be prohibited after 9PM

Table Linen required




Waiter service required




Unobstructed access to adjacent properties


 Seating area must be enclosed

 3 foot accessible route


The following design features are required for all restaurant types (site plan adjustments and building permits may be needed):

v  Permanent barrier required within 5 feet of a parking lot/roadway:

      • Decorative fence or wall - minimum 3 feet high
      • Continuous concrete/clay planters
      • Rope is not a permanent barrier.

v  Limits of the outdoor restaurant seating area shall be clearly identified where alcohol is served:

      • A decorative fence, wall, planters, decorative rope
      • Signs at exit points citing Sec. 3-2 (consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places)

v  Up to 200 sq. ft. of additional seating area will not increase parking

                   Decorative Outdoor Seating

v  Decorative outdoor furnishings must be of quality design that enhance appearance of the restaurant and are compatible with architectural theme of the building and outdoor area.  No white PVC furnishings or outdoor trash cans. Planters must match or compliment other planters on the property and not be made of plastic.  Umbrellas must be compatible with the colors of the building and contain no advertising. Furnishings must be moved inside when the restaurant is closed.

Application Requirements:

v  Outdoor Restaurant Permit Application Form

v   Business tax receipt

v   Alcoholic beverage license (if applicable)

v   Proof of liability insurance

v   Pay additional plant connection fees (for increased water/sewer capacity)

v   Written approval from the property owner

v   Hold harmless agreement (protects City from liability)

v   Site plan or survey showing :

      •   Exact location of the seating area
      •   Live entertainment area
      •   Number and location of all furnishings
      •   Accessible pathways
      •   Required barriers
      •   Restaurant entrances and exits

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