Redevelopment & Grants

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Sunrise, FL 33323
Phone: (954) 572-2315
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The City of Sunrise Redevelopment & Grants Division coordinates the City's residential grant programs, from planning and financing through the implementation phase, and is charged with overall program monitoring. In addition, the team is responsible for seeking out available Federal, State and local grant programs; coordinating the necessary application functions; monitoring and administering grants; and serving as project liaison with the public, user departments and various agency administrators throughout the process.

Fair Housing

Children's Poster Contest 
Annually, the City hosts a Fair Housing Art Poster Contest for local Elementary Schools to promote Fair Housing awareness amongst its youngest citizens.


The City of Sunrise prides itself on its ongoing culture of inclusivity. As such, the City takes an active role in ensuring and enforcing fair housing practices throughout the City. It is vital that all residents have the right to rent or buy housing, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or familial status. If you feel you are a victim of housing discrimination, we encourage you to call the discrimination complaint hotline toll-free at (800) 440-8091. If using a Telecommunication Device for the Hearing Impaired, please call (404) 730-2656. For more information related to fair housing, please call the Redevelopment and Grants Division at (954) 572-2315.

Homeowners Assistance Programs

From Architectural barrier Removal to Residential Rehabilitation, the Redevelopment & Grants Division coordinates a variety of programs designed to assist City of Sunrise homeowners in maintaining the sustainability and affordability of their residencies. For details, please view our Homeowners Assistance Programs page.

Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing Stimulus Program

The Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing Stimulus Program encourages developers and landlords to invest in and upgrade multi-family residential rental properties for housing in the City’s original neighborhoods. This program provides incentives for building façade and site improvements for multi-family residential rental properties located in the City of Sunrise east of University Drive.  For details, please view our Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing Stimulus Program page. 

Public Service Programs

The Senior Transportation Program, provided through a joint partnership amongst the Community Development Department and the  Leisure Services Department, offers the City's elderly access to by -appointment transportation services to medical appointments and daily necessities.

The Code Enforcement program, provided through a joint partnership amongst the Redevelopment and Grants Division and the Code Enforcement Division, supports code enforcement activities in low income areas to maintain stability in neighborhoods, maintain safe environment for residents, and preserve the City's affordable housing stock.

Additional Grant Programs

In recent years for the City has solicited funding for programs designed to facilitate safer mobility, improve roadway drainage, and provide a more pleasant roadway environment. Funding has been awarded for City projects on West Oakland Park Boulevard, University Drive, and Sunset Strip - covering such improvements as landscaping, sidewalks, swale drainage and irrigation.

Grants from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) have provided Recreation and Open Space grants so that local governmental entities may acquire, develop and/or preserve land for public outdoor recreation. In recent years, FRDAP funds have been awarded to the City for Oscar Wind Park, Sawgrass Sanctuary Park, and the Civic Center Family/Instructional Swimming Pool project.