Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing Stimulus Program

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The office of Economic Development has developed a stimulus program known as the Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing Stimulus Program to encourage developers and landlords to invest in and upgrade multi-family residential rental properties for housing in the City's original neighborhoods. 

Through this Stimulus Program, the City is helping to mitigate the adverse impacts associated with distressed rental properties by offering an incentive with a variety of eligible improvements to existing owners of older rental apartment properties, and attracting new investors willing to explore redevelopment in these targeted areas.

This Stimulus Program provides incentives for façade improvements to buildings such as pressure cleaning and painting; upgrading or adding exterior lighting fixtures; replacement of windows and doors; parking lot improvements such as restriping, drainage, lighting, or security monitoring systems; landscaping; fencing; sidewalk improvements; architectural improvements; and tot lot/playground additions or enhancements.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

The following are a list of minimum requirements to be eligible for the Multi-Family Stimulus Program:

  • Entire multi-family residential rental property must be under a single owner or ownership group.
  • Property must be within the Stimulus Program area (east of University Drive).
  • Bank-owned multi-family residential rental properties are not eligible; however, those properties would be eligible for the Stimulus Program once purchased from a bank.
  • Property owner shall commit to the affordable housing income and rent limits (through a recorded deed restriction) as determined by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation for a minimum of ten (10) years.
  • Each eligible property must have more than four (4) units and less than one-hundred (100) units.
  • Owner must make minimum investment of $25,000 in eligible improvements.
  • Any eligible improvements proposed must be located within the multi-family residential property.
  • Any and all code violations must be complied prior to any reimbursement.
  • All property taxes and assessments must be current.
  • All Sunrise utility bills must be current.
  • All code enforcement, nuisance abatement and utility liens must be satisfied prior to any reimbursement.
  • Multi-family residential rental property must have obtained a certificate of occupancy prior to 1980.
  • Property owner must have a current City of Sunrise Business Tax Receipt.
  • Property owner must have no pending litigation against the City.

Program Funding

Program application is based upon the availability of budget funds for the Stimulus Program.  There is a maximum of $100,000 per property as per the reimbursement schedule below:

  • 33.33% of eligible expenditures, including permit fees, will be paid to approved owners in the timeframes set below, with a maximum reimbursement of $100,000 per property. (For example, $80,000 in eligible expenditures will result in a $26,664 payment to owner provided the conditions below are satisfied.)
  • 33.33% of eligible expenditures will be payable over a two-year period according to the following schedule:
    • 50% upon providing required documentation verifying completion of work (permits along with proof of permit completion, receipts, proof of payment, recorded deed restriction, and other program documents). Property must maintain same ownership as approved application to receive reimbursement installment. Payment will be made within thirty (30) days of City approving property owner’s required documentation.
    • 25% after one year from initial payment and verification that all taxes are current and no active code enforcement violations, code enforcement liens, nuisance abatement liens, utility liens, and/or any other outstanding City fines, assessments or liens. Property must maintain same ownership as approved in the application to receive reimbursement installment.
    • 25% after one year from second payment and verification that taxes are current and no active code enforcement violations, code enforcement liens, nuisance abatement liens, utility liens, and/or any other outstanding City fines, assessments or liens. Property must maintain same ownership as approved in the application to receive reimbursement installment.

Eligible Improvements

Eligible Stimulus Program Improvements are intended to provide community aesthetic benefits and/or security benefits. The following improvements are considered eligible:

  • Facade upgrades: painting and associated pressure cleaning; new exterior architectural features; and new exterior lighting fixtures, windows, or doors
  • Parking lot enhancements: repaving and restriping: exterior lighting, or security monitoring systems
  • Exterior site or building safety improvements: railings; hurricane shutters; security lighting; and security monitoring systems
  • New landscaping and irrigation, new fencing or decorative fencing, or new perimeter walls
  • Roof replacement
  • New Sidewalk/paver improvements
  • New site related architectural features: arches, columns or fountains
  • Tot Lot/playground addition or enhancement
  • New security alarms, or cameras
  • Drainage improvements
  • Additional site improvements pre-approved by the Community Development Director

Ineligible Improvements

The following improvements are not considered eligible for this program:

  • Property maintenance costs
  • Building repairs
  • Taxes or lien payoffs
  • Improvements deemed repairs to bring the property into code compliance
  • Interior unit improvements
  • Resealing of parking lots
  • Improvements previously funded by the Stimulus Program
  • Improvements completed prior to Stimulus Program approval
  • Improvements completed prior to receiving pre-approval from the City Commission

Application Process

Application and pre-approval are required for participation in the Stimulus Program.  The following is the process:

  • The Community Development Department shall administer this program. The Community Development Director shall be authorized to determine any application ineligible. Ineligible applications may be appealed to the City Manager within fifteen (15) days of the Community Development Director decision.
  • Applications deemed eligible by the Community Development Director shall be scheduled for a future City Commission Meeting for consideration.
  • Pre-approvals shall be in the discretion of the City Commission with complete reimbursement package submitted to the City within six-months from City Commission pre-approval. The City Manager shall be authorized to issue a one-time six-month administrative extension.
  • Within ten (10) days of the denial of City Commission pre-approval, the property owner may administratively appeal by filing a written request with the City Commission and including any additional materials to be considered. The City Commission shall notice the administrative appeal for public hearing within forty (40) days of its receipt of the administrative appeal. The property owner may speak at the administrative appeal, the City Commission shall consider any and all factors in its sole discretion at the administrative appeal, and the final decision on pre-approval shall be in the Commission’s discretion.
  • Subject to availability of budgeted Stimulus Program funds.
  • Stimulus Program will be effective upon City Commission Stimulus Program approval. Stimulus Program applications will be accepted for up to 12-months after effective date of Stimulus Program approval.
  • In the event the City Commission approves additional budgeted funds, the Stimulus Program applications will be accepted for up to 12-months the date of City Commission approval of additional funding.

For additional information, please contact the Redevelopment and Grants Division at (954) 572-2315