Temporary Restaurant Outdoor Seating

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In an effort to facilitate the re-opening of Sunrise businesses, recognizing the impacts of COVID-19, the City Commission has approved Declaration of Emergency Regulations 20-08 to allow additional Temporary Outdoor Seating for restaurants with stand-alone entrance and exit. Restaurants can utilize up to 2,000 square feet of available outdoor space in addition to any existing approved Outdoor Restaurant Seating.


All temporary outdoor seating areas must adhere to the following:

  • Must comply with provisions of Executive Orders issued to State, County, and City, as well as CDC guidelines for social distancing.

  • Must comply with all applicable Fire Department regulations and must not impede Police or Fire access.

  • Must comply with all Florida Health Department regulations.

  • Must comply with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco consumption on premises requirements.

  • Must not negatively impact ingress/egress to the building or property; safe ingress and egress shall be provided to the property and building, including emergency access measures at all times.

  • Must have a current business tax receipt (BTR) with the City of Sunrise.

  • Cannot hinder accessible parking spaces, paths, or access.

  • Cannot hinder access to any business, shall not interfere with exit discharge, and must allow occupants access to a public way.

  • Some parking remains available for the restaurant and adjacent businesses (if applicable).

  • If located within a parking area, a temporary physical barrier must be placed separating the dining from the remaining parking.

  • The number of seats in the temporary outdoor seating area cannot supplement indoor seating above the establishment’s respective occupancy levels as governed by the Florida Building Code or Fire Code.

  • All wheelstops in parking areas used for temporary outdoor seating shall be blocked and barricaded.

  • All tables in temporary outdoor seating areas shall be located a safe distance from drive aisles, usable parking, and so as to maintain proper distancing from usable parking.

  • All furniture, including umbrellas, canopies, chairs, and tables should be stored inside upon close of business daily.

  • Canopies (open sides) larger than 225 square feet require a flame-resistant certificate.

  • Tent (has sides) greater than 100 square feet requires a flame-resistant certificate; contact Fire Marshal’s office at 954-746-3470 for questions.

  • Temporary outdoor seating areas shall not have any permanent installation of lighting or structures.

  • All temporary outdoor seating areas, and adjacent open areas and/or parking lots must be maintained clean of litter.

  • If a restaurant is not the property owner of the areas intended to be used for the temporary additional outdoor seating area, then written permission from the property owner must be obtained prior to approval and installation.

  • Regulations pertaining to outdoor entertainment are not affected by this application.


  • Sketch showing: location of proposed additional seating, number of proposed additional seats, barrier installation, dimension of temporary outdoor seating area.

  • Applicable flame-resistant documents for canopies or tents as described in Guidelines above.


For questions or information regarding the temporary Outdoor Seating Application, please contact the Community Development Department Planning Division at 954-746-3270 or