Inside the Department

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Sunrise Fire-Rescue is comprised of the following divisions:

Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the Administrative Division supports the department's primary mission of protecting life and property. This includes planning and logistical support for the department's operational personnel, as well as sound fiscal management to assure that long-term needs are addressed. The Administration Division is committed to providing the best possible service to Sunrise residents through an ongoing investment in the department's people, facilities and equipment.

The Operations Division is comprised of 140 sworn Fire-Rescue personnel that are highly trained in firefighting and advanced life support skills. These personnel respond to over 15,000 calls for service annually, ranging from medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, fires, and other specialized emergency incidents.

Encompassed within Operations, the Training Division teaches, trains, and executes a variety of job performance requirements through certified state and nationally recognized programs to maintain and improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Fire-Rescue personnel. Through these programs, the Training Division delivers nearly 25,000 hours of continuing education each year.

The Operations Division also includes the Special Operations Team. This highly-specialized team is responsible for responding to calls dealing with Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue incidents (e.g., Rope/High-Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse, and Vehicle-Machinery Extrication and Removal). It is one of only four such teams in all of Broward County, responding not only to incidents within Sunrise, but also throughout the entire region, collaborating under countywide and statewide mutual aid agreements.

In addition, Sunrise Fire-Rescue maintains an integrated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) component, designed to coordinate the regulatory medical requirements and quality improvement for all personnel working within the Operations Division. Sunrise Fire-Rescue has been recognized at the local, state, and national level as a leader in emergency medical care, utilizing specialized equipment for Advanced Life Support (ALS) and ensuring the highest level of pre-hospital care for residents, workers, and visitors in the City.

Fire Life Safety
The Fire Life Safety Division is an integral part of the community risk reduction initiative championed by the Sunrise Fire-Rescue Department. This division’s role is to conduct fire safety inspections on all commercial properties in the City, and to provide both plan-review and compliance inspections for all new buildings constructed within Sunrise – amounting to nearly 10,000 total inspections each year.

Public Education plays a major role in the department's Fire Life Safety and community risk reduction efforts. While Sunrise Fire-Rescue conducts public education efforts year round, the Department’s educational outreach takes center-stage in October. During this time each year, Sunrise Fire-Rescue endeavors to visit every elementary school and daycare within the City, presenting fire-safety information and issuing educational materials which are updated annually in order to tie into the latest “Fire Prevention Week” campaign theme being promoted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This program helps protect our community's youngsters by teaching them what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Finally, Sunrise Fire-Rescue is proud to have been one of the early adopters of the Community Paramedic program to further enhance our community risk reduction efforts. Utilizing a pro-active approach in the pre-hospital setting, this program provides direct assistance to vulnerable residents in finding the right resources for their needs. Sunrise’s successful implementation of the program earned the Department both the 2015 Mike Murphy Innovator of the Year Award from the Fire Chiefs Association of Broward County, and the 2015 Marilyn Crook EMS Pioneer Award from the Florida Department of Health. Sunrise Fire-Rescue is committed to continually improving the service provided through the program.

Support Services
The Support Services Division plays an integral part in supporting all the divisions within the Sunrise Fire-Rescue Department. It is responsible for overseeing all of the logistics associated with each division, such as fleet maintenance, equipment maintenance, radio communication equipment, personal protective equipment needs, operational and administrative supplies, and much more. It works with a variety of vendors to ensure the agency and the City are procuring the best resources for its operational and administrative needs