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Administrative Services

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The Administrative Services Division includes Support Services, Personnel, Research & Planning, Training, Logistics, Information Technology (IT), Body Worn Camera and Records.  This group provides administrative, organizational and logistical support to all the divisions and units while managing the department’s goals and objectives. In addition, representatives of Administration work closely with all Divisions to ensure they are performing operations and following procedures in compliance with the standards established by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA).

Support Services

This Unit is responsible for the preparation, submission, and supervision of the Police Department’s operating budget. Support Services works hand-in-hand with each Division Commander to determine operational needs while remaining fiscally responsible. Additional responsibilities include processing and submitting all requisitions and purchase orders and overseeing the bid process for capital expenditures.

Research & Planning

The Sunrise Police Department holds the distinguished accomplishment of being accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA). The Research & Planning Unit plays an integral role in the accreditation process as its members develop and maintain policies and procedures to ensure compliance with current CFA standards.

Research & Planning is also responsible for researching staff studies, developing short and long-range agency plans which include forecasting personnel, vehicles and equipment, and recommending innovative projects, programs and new technology applicable to the police department’s operations.  

Additionally, this Unit is responsible for the research and preparation of complex reports and projects involving divisional issues and concerns and works cooperatively with internal divisions, City Departments and external agencies. This Unit also researches, recommends and submits applications for grant opportunities and oversees Fleet, Training, Payroll, and Logistics.


The Logistics Unit is responsible for the dissemination of departmental forms, ancillary equipment, and uniforms, as well as maintaining and managing inventory, mail, supplies and related equipment for all divisions.

Body Worn Camera Unit

The Body Worn Camera unit is responsible for the daily operations and support for the body worn cameras deployed throughout the Sunrise Police Department.  The Sunrise Police Department currently has over 170 body worn cameras deployed throughout all 3 divisions of the agency.  The BWC unit provides on-going equipment evaluations and training for departmental members in order to make the program run as efficiently as possible while providing a transparent and professional product.  The BWC Unit is also responsible for providing all video evidence to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial purposes, in addition to, reviewing, redacting, and releasing body worn video in response to public records requests.  The Body Worn Camera Unit works cooperatively with all divisions of the agency to assist in any type of request or investigation as needed.

Training Unit

The Training Unit develops lesson plans and generates training schedules for in-service training classes for the entire agency. They provide rifle training and qualifications, offer auxiliary training programs and provide in-house training to newly hired officers. This Unit tracks every officer’s four-year training cycle to ensure compliance with mandatory retraining requirements established by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The Training Unit also maintains the department’s state of the art indoor range, tracks and services all weapons, and maintains the ammunition inventory.

Additionally, the Training Unit is involved in the Citizens Police Academy. This unique program provides our citizens with instruction in the area of firearms, Tasers, traffic stops, and responses to resistance. The training is concluded with scenario-based activities which is a great experience for both the police officers and the residents.

Personnel Unit

The Personnel Unit is responsible for the recruiting and hiring of all police officers and civilian personnel. This is accomplished through a process of intensive screening, local record checks, and background investigation techniques.

The Personnel Unit is also responsible for coordinating and implementing department policies and procedures as they relate to recruitment, selection, assignment and retention of all police department personnel. All policies and procedures are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations governing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC), the Americans with Disabilities Act and Affirmative Action.

The Training Unit develops and implements lesson plans for all in-service training classes. The unit tracks the training received by every Police Department employee with particular emphasis on tracking every police officers' four-year training cycle to ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements set forth by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.).

The Training Unit also researches and evaluates weapon and safety systems, reporting its findings to the Chief of Police, to keep up with the latest technologies for possible implementation to the field.

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