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The Investigations Division's mission and primary responsibility is to thoroughly investigate felony and serious misdemeanor crimes occurring within the City of Sunrise and to identify, arrest, and present offenders to the judicial system. Investigators work cooperatively with officers and investigators from other divisions, personnel from other city departments, other local, state and federal agencies, and citizens to accomplish this mission. Through cooperative efforts, not only are crimes and patterns detected, suspects identified, located, and arrested, but also awareness and prevention programs are initiated to protect lives and property enhancing the quality of life in the City of Sunrise. 

The Investigations Division is structured to deliver services efficiently and effectively to the citizens of Sunrise. The Investigations Division is one of the largest divisions in the Sunrise Police Department and is commanded by a Major. One lieutenant and two Sergeants are assigned to oversee the following units: 

Violent Crimes Unit

Homicide Section is responsible for investigating all murders, unattended deaths, accidental deaths, non-sexual abductions, assaults, shootings into occupied vehicles or dwellings, deaths of individuals in custody, and shootings involving police officers if injury or death is involved.

Robbery Section is responsible for investigating business robberies, robberies to the individual, purse snatchings, extortion, jail escapes, and possession of sawed-off shotgun cases.

Gang Squad is responsible for gathering intelligence on gangs, gang activity and initiating gang affiliation prosecutions. The Gang Squad also investigates school-related incidents involving weapons, mob assaults, and graffiti incidents.

Property Crimes Unit

Burglary Section is responsible for investigating commercial and residential burglaries occurring in Sunrise.

Auto Section is responsible for investigating stolen vehicles, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, failure to return rental vehicles, possession of stolen vehicles, attempts to steal vehicles, larcenies of plates, inspection decals, hit and runs, and assaults with vehicles.

General Assignment Section investigates grand larcenies, larcenies from vehicles, and other felony thefts. The section also investigates criminal communications, runaways, and missing persons cases. In addition, these investigators also provide 24 hour a day criminal investigation services by conducting initial investigations of other major crimes until specific personnel can respond.

Special Crimes Unit

Sexual Assault/Family Violence Section is responsible for investigating rapes, indecent exposure, child pornography, stalking, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect felonies, child abductions, and missing children cases.

Economic Crimes investigate "white collar" crimes of fraud, forgery, worthless checks, credit card theft, false pretense, failure to perform construction, embezzlement, and identity theft.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit unit is responsible for providing information on crime patterns and trends throughout the City of Sunrise. Utilizing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology, data is mapped by location and distributed to patrol officers during monthly Department IMPACT (Innovative Management Participating and Addressing Crime Trends) meetings. This data is instrumental in relaying information to community-based officers so they can track and solve community-related problems/crimes to help create a better quality of life for the residents of Sunrise.

Always report any suspicious activities and crime to 9-1-1!

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