Residential Landscape Beautification Program

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Plant It Forward: The City of Sunrise Residential Landscape Beautification ProgramThe City of Sunrise recognizes the importance of trees within our community and the environmental and health benefits trees bring to the community while maintaining a neighborhood’s identity and beautification throughout the City.  Studies have shown trees provide for cleaner air, cleaner water, restored habitat wildlife, promote walkability and cycling, increase neighborhood pride and crime reduction, increase property values, and assist with climate resiliency.  A recent survey completed by Broward County showed the City of Sunrise has a tree canopy of approximately 16 percent of the geographic area of the City.  The Broward County League of Cities has adopted a goal of 30 percent tree canopy coverage for all of Broward County.



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A significant portion of the City’s tree canopy on single-family properties was lost over the last decade due to several hurricanes, tropic storms, and ongoing drought conditions.  The cost to replace large trees is financially unfeasible for some property owners, especially for very low and low income households.  The City has developed a program, known as the Residential Landscape Beautification Program, (“Program”) to encourage eligible single-family-property owners to install trees within their property and assist with growing the City’s urban forest.  The Program is designed to focus on the portion of the City representing the very low and low income areas.



All single-family homesteaded property owners (“Owners”) who meet the eligibility requirements of the Program will receive up to two (2) trees for their front yard subject to funding availability.  The trees will be of size to satisfy minimum City Code requirements, which is typically nine (9) feet in height.  The tree species will be limited to a select group to include a variety of five to ten different species depending on availability.  Owners who participate in the Program will not be required to obtain a landscape permit, as the application for the Program will serve as the permit.  Owners will be required to properly care for and maintain the trees once planted.  Failure to maintain the trees and/or replace trees will result in ineligibility for future landscape programs and could subject the Owners and Property to City code enforcement action.  Owners will be provided basic guidelines on how to maintain trees. 

The City will hire a landscape contractor to deliver and install trees to eligible Owners.  The City will be responsible for paying the contractor and coordinating tree selection and installation with the contactor and Owners.  The Owners shall maintain the trees and will be held responsible for problems occurring after the trees have been planted, such as lack of water, improper maintenance or damage from lawn equipment. 


All Owners must meet the eligibility criteria specified below and complete an application for the Program.  All applications shall be submitted to the City of Sunrise Community Development Department, Engineering Division.

  • Property must be located east of Pine Island Road
  • Property must be a single-family property/structure
  • Property must be the primary residence of the Owners and must be registered as a homestead property with the Broward County Property Appraiser
  • Property shall not have any liens resulting from code enforcement, nuisance abatement action or liens for water, gas or other Utility service by the City
  • Property shall be deficient in landscaping in the front yard per the City code.  For properties located on corner lots, the portion of a side yard adjacent to a street right-of-way, not located behind a fence is considered front yard 
  • Property shall have a source of water available from the front of the house


  1. The Community Development Department, Engineering Division, will be responsible for the Residential Landscape Beautification Program.  The complete Program process is outlined below.  In order to participate in the Residential Landscape Beautification Program, Owners must meet all eligibility requirements and complete the following steps.

    Owners shall complete the Residential Landscape Beautification Program application and submit the application in person to the:

    City of Sunrise
    Community Development Department Engineering Division
    1601 NW 136 Avenue, Building A
    Sunrise, FL 33323

  2. City staff will review the application for eligibility.  If Owners are eligible and funds are available, the process will continue with Owners executing a Right of Entry and Hold Harmless Agreement.  If funds are not available, Owners will be placed on waiting list. City staff will notify the Owners of status of the application once reviewed.  If Owners are accepted, City staff will coordinate with Owners the species of trees and general location where the trees will be planted.

  3. City staff will coordinate with contractor for delivery and installation in the next planting cycle, as well as the location of where the trees should be planted.  The City will provide the Owners a one (1) week notice prior to the delivery and installation of the trees.  Contractor will deliver and install in batches according to the City contract.

  4. City staff will inspect the trees after installation and prior to payment to the landscape contractor.

  5. Owners will receive basic guidelines including tree maintenance tips and will then be responsible to maintain the trees.



For questions or information regarding the Residential Landscape Beautification Program, please contact the Community Development Department Engineering Division at 954-746-3270 or