Emergency Notification

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Thanks to its high-speed, automated emergency notification system, Code Red, the City of Sunrise can contact customers by telephone to deliver important information in the event of a utility disturbance. For example, loss of water pressure in the service lines due to a water line break, mechanical failure, or a power outage could increase the possible risk of contaminants in the water - and prompt the Utilities Department to issue a precautionary boil water order.

With Code Red, Sunrise can alert customers to potential hazards in the quickest manner possible. Relying on multiple phone lines, the system can make up to 60,000 calls per hour.

Code Red utilizes a geographic information system (GIS) which enables it to target specific, affected neighborhoods. By using this system, the City can save valuable time and resources - and deliver accurate, consistent information to its intended audience over the phone.

If you have an unlisted phone number or a new number that was issued in the past three months - or if your primary phone is cellular - you may not be included in Code Red's master call list.

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