Gas Rebates

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Energy Conservation Rebates

Switching to natural gas appliances eliminates the energy wasted generating electricity and reduces the total amount of carbon dioxide released into Florida’s environment by over 50%.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), nearly 70% of the energy used to generate electricity is lost as waste heat. In Florida, generating a kilowatt of electricity produces 1.39 pounds of carbon dioxide. Switching to a natural gas water heater reduces the amount of CO2 released into the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used to generate electricity. For the average tank style residential water heater this equates to nearly 3,000 pounds of CO2 a year. That’s a reduction of more than 17 tons over the course of the useful life of a natural gas water heater.  

The City of Sunrise Energy Conservation Program assists homeowners to do their part in conserving Florida’s energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by providing rebates to switch from electric appliances or replace existing older natural gas appliances with new energy efficient natural gas appliances.

 Residential Rebates

 Replace Electric Appliance with New Gas Appliance*

 Replace Gas Appliance With New Gas Appliance

 Water Heater -Tank Style



 Water Heater - Tankless



 Kitchen Range



 Clothes Dryer



 Central Heating



* Electric water heater and electric heating system replacement rebates REQUIRE a no-cost inspection by a Sunrise Gas service person BEFORE the existing electric appliances are removed. Other restrictions may apply. Rebate amounts may be changed or discontinued without notice. Please confirm availability prior to purchase.

To apply for residential rebates,download the Residential Rebate Request form or contact Sunrise Gas at (954) 572-2299 or