Call Before You Dig

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811vCareless digging is the leading cause of damage to underground pipelines. Whether you are a private homeowner planting a tree or a professional contractor installing a fence, you are required by Florida law to CALL 8-1-1.

CALL 8-1-1 two full business days before you dig to have underground utilities on your property located and marked. This is a FREE service provided by all underground utility providers.

After you've called, WAIT the required two full business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) for all of the utilities to locate and mark-out their underground facilities. DO NOT count the day you call. Here's the timeline:
Day 1: Call 8-1-1
Days 2 and 3: Wait
Day 4: Confirm and Dig

LocatesUnderstanding Utilities Marks
Each utility will mark the location of their underground facilities using color-coded flags and non-permanent marking paint. Utilities will only locate and mark up to the meter location. Any underground piping beyond the meter, for example to a pool heater, will not be located. For a better understanding of how a property is marked, view our interactive rendering.  

If there are no marks in your yard or job site, that does not necessarily mean there are no underground utilities. Verify completion of your request with Positive Response. To check on your request, enter your One Call Ticket number and phone number online or call (800) 852-8057.

If the marks fade away or are destroyed before you dig, you MUST call and have the area re-marked.

TolZone Sunrise Gas Locate Marks
The Sunrise Gas Department's locate marks show the approximate location of underground gas pipelines. The gas line can actually be anywhere within the 48-inch tolerance zone. Proceed with caution when digging within 24 inches on either side of the locate marks. Do not plant large trees within this area or build any  permanent structure, such as a pool deck, patio or building addition.

Utilities can be a few inches deep or several feet deep: Do not assume it is a rock or a root if you hit something. Call Sunrise Gas at (954) 572-2299 if you hit our gas line even if you think it did not cause any damage. 

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