Emergency Responders

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Emergency Response

Pipelines are the safest and most reliable means to transport natural gas. However, third-party damage (most common cause), corrosion, material defects, operational failure, or outside forces can cause an uncontrolled release of natural gas that may result in a fire or explosion.

Some basic facts:

  • Natural gas is non-toxic, but it is a simple asphyxiant in a confined space if it displaces enough air.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air and will quickly dissipate.
  • Natural gas can only burn in a gas-to-air ratio of approximately 4% to 15% gas to air. Unless the gas-to-air ratio is within this range, natural gas will not ignite.
  • Primary by-products of complete combustion are harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. However, incomplete combustion, usually due to insufficient air flow, will result in production of dangerous carbon monoxide.  

It is important for emergency response agencies to know who to contact and how to respond to natural gas utility emergencies and have prepared procedures to contact and work together with Sunrise Gas personnel.

KNOW WHO TO CONTACT - Call Sunrise Gas at (954) 572-2299 to request a meeting with our operational management team to review our emergency response procedures and obtain emergency contact phone numbers.

Sunrise Gas provides natural gas utility service to portions of the cities of Sunrise, Tamarac, Lauderhill and Weston, as well as a gas pipeline in a section of Plantation. However, Sunrise Gas is not the only provider of natural gas utility service in Tamarac, Lauderhill and Weston. TECO Peoples Gas also provides natural gas utility service to these communities, but not in the same areas. In addition to gas utilities, several propane companies provide propane tank service. Some propane companies own and operate underground vapor systems that have meters that look exactly like natural gas meters. All Sunrise Gas meters are marked with a CITY OF SUNRISE identifying label.

Florida Gas Transmission Company is the interstate natural gas pipeline company that operates within Broward County.


Below are links to generalized online learning courses for responding to pipeline and gas utility emergencies. Contact Sunrise Gas operation management (954) 572-2299 for specific emergency response information.