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SignUsing underground pipeline systems for the transportation and distribution of natural gas is the safest and most reliable and efficient method for the delivery of America's best energy value. According to the US Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, there are more than 2,066,000 miles of distribution mains and service lines to millions of homes, businesses and factories across the country.

Most people are unaware that this vast network of underground pipelines exists. This is due primarily to the outstanding safety record of the natural gas industry.


  1. Annual walking survey of all gas lines in business districts
  2. Walking survey of the gas lines in residential neighborhoods within a three year cycle
  3. Daily patrols of critical lines and infrastructure
  4. Monthly inspections of key facilities
  5. Inspections and maintenance to every gas meter at least once every three years 

Sunrise Gas uses pipeline markers like the ones shown on this page to alert people to the presence of an underground natural gas pipeline in the area. These markers do not mark the exact location of the pipeline and should never be relied upon instead of calling 8-1-1 for locates.

Sunrise Gas installs warning signs on above-ground facilities. Only authorized Sunrise Gas personnel are permitted to enter or work in these areas. All of our employees drive City of Sunrise vehicles and carry employee identification.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - If you observe suspicious activity around the area of our gas line markers, facilities, or gas meters, please call Sunrise Gas (954) 572-2299. If it appears to be deliberate vandalism, call 9-1-1.

REPORT SUSPECTED DAMAGE - If you see what you think may be an exposed gas pipeline due to a toppled tree, sink hole, collapsed lake or canal bank, or from any excavation activity, call Sunrise Gas (954) 572-2299.