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Saving Water is Easy
Saving water is easy with the water conservation incentives and programs available to residents, property owners and managers that are customers of the City of Sunrise Water Utility.

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1.Don’t flush away savings: $100 toilet rebates!

Residents, Property Owners & Managers
While supplies last, Sunrise water utility customers can receive rebates of up to $100 per toilet for replacing old inefficient toilets with WaterSense® certified high efficiency toilets, regular or dual flush, that use 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Two rebates per household. Commercial, institutional, not for profit and multi-family buildings can receive five with the op on to request more. To be eligible, you must apply BEFORE purchasing.

For more information, contact Broward County’s Conservation Pays Program: (800) 270-9794.


2. Start saving with FREE faucet aerators and showerheads!

Residents, Property Owners & Managers
Free faucet aerators and showerheads are available for Sunrise water utility customers. These devices can help you save on your water bill and your hot water heating costs!   The devices conserve water while maintaining good water pressure!  The faucets and showerheads may be picked up Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the City of Sunrise Utility Administration Building located at 777 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway. Please bring your water bill and/or identification that includes a photo and address. Contact the City of Sunrise Utilities Department:(954) 888-6000.

The average household can save $300 a year by installing WaterSense faucet aerators and toilets!


3. Be a Butterfly Hero: Practice sustainable landscaping!

Residents, Property Owners & Managers
Did you know butterfly populations are declining right here in Florida? There are simple things you can do like adding butterfly friendly landscaping to your yard, balcony or commercial landscape.

Want to do more? You can certify your landscape through either the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program or the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program, and NatureScape Broward will recognize your
leadership. Schools can participate too – butterfly gardens make great educational tools!

Have a gardening question? Email or, or call (954) 519-0317.


4. Restaurants: Is dishwashing throwing savings down the drain?

FREE low flow pre-rinse spray valves!
Did you know that the pre-rinse operation in a commercial kitchen typically consumes about 30 percent of all water used in the establishment? A commercial kitchen can reduce water usage with a new spray valve which can lead to significant savings! While supplies last, pre-rinse spray valves are available free for commercial kitchens.  For more information, contact the Sunrise Utilities Department: (954) 888-6000.


5. Water wisely: Request a FREE irrigation efficiency evaluation!

Property Owners & Managers
Commercial property owners and managers can request a FREE irrigation system evaluation and landscaping tips through the City’s partnership with Broward County. For more information, contact the Sunrise Utilities Department: (954) 888-6023 or


6. Engage & Educate: Together we can make Earth Day every day! The City’s Sustainability Advisory Board meets the second Wednesday of each month and the meetings are open to the public. Join us to share your suggestions.

Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer or need service hours, find out about being a Good and Green Ambassador!

Community Organizations: Contact us for technical assistance, to request a speaker at your next meeting, or for informational flyers for your group.

For more information, call (954) 888-6043 or email

Good and Green logo - City of SunriseJoin us in conserving resources,
supporting a sustainable economy
and practicing stewardship


More On Conserving Water:  For more ways to save water, read our Water Conservation Flyer.

Useful Links

Utilities Department:  Sunrise Utilities Department  

Flood Insurance Information:  Floods & Flood Insurance information

Incentives & Rebates:  Conservation Pays

Conservation Tips:  Water Saving Quiz

Water Conserving Product Finder:  EPA WaterSense Product Finder


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

Who is reading my meter?
Sunrise has contracted an outside company, Bermex Inc., to read our water and gas meters each month. Although the meter readers do not wear City uniforms or drive City vehicles, they should always be wearing a shirt that identifies them as meter readers working for Bermex. They should also always wear, in a visible location, a photo identification card that shows the company name and the meter reader's name.

My organization is scheduling a fundraising car wash. Do we need to apply for a variance?
No, there are no restrictions on vehicle washing.  Always attach automatic shutoff nozzles to hoses and, if possible, channel runoff water to a grassy area or porous surface. 
When can I use a pressure washer?
Pressure washing is not restricted.  Use low-volume equipent that produces water pressure of 1,000 pounds per square inch to 4,000 pounds per square inch.  Channel runoff water onto the grass or another non-paved surface.
When can I wash my car or boat?
Vehicle washing is not restricted.  When washing a car, park it over a non-paved or porous surface to limit water runoff, and always attach an automatic shut-off nozzle to your hose.  Limit boat rinsing to 15 minutes after it has been in salt water.
Are low-volume watering methods allowed?
Drip, bubble and micro-jet systems and watering cans that apply water directly to root plant zones may be used any time.  Water collected in cisterns and rain barrels may also be used for irrigation any time.  Low-volume irrigation should not produce water runoff.  Voluntary reductions in use are encouraged.