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Why is smoke testing necessary?
As part of regular maintenance requirements, the City of Sunrise performs smoke tests within the City’s sanitary sewer system. This is required in order to determine if the City is contributing excess flows to the sanitary sewers in the form of storm (rain) water that enters the sanitary sewers through manholes, cracks in pipes, or sanitary/storm sewer cross connections. Storm water that enters the sanitary sewer in this manner is then unnecessarily sent through the sanitary sewers to the City's wastewater treatment plant where it is treated as if it were sanitary flow, resulting in increased cost to the City.

What is smoke testing?
Smoke testing involves blowing smoke through the sanitary sewer to locate defects that would allow storm water to enter the system. You may see smoke coming from vent stacks on buildings or holes in the ground. The smoke varies in color from white to gray depending on density and lighting. The smoke that is being used is manufactured especially for this application and is, therefore, non-toxic and non-staining. The smoke should not enter your home or business unless the plumbing is not functioning properly. If you have any seldom used drains and floor drains, please pour water in the drain to fill the trap prior to the test. In the event that smoke does enter a home or business, opening of windows and doors should quickly dissipate the smoke.

Who is doing the testing?
Smoke testing was authorized by the City and will be conducted by a specialized company hired by the City of Sunrise. Crews will be in marked vehicles and have identification.

When and where will the smoke testing take place?
As part of on-going regular maintenance, smoke testing is performed throughout the sanitary sewer collection system. Homes will be notified individually via printed door hanger notifications one to two days before smoke testing is conducted in the neighborhood. The most recent testing planned in 2019 will be completed August 5th through 16th in the following areas:

  • Within an area in the north side of the City of Sunrise (i.e. Sunrise Commerce Park area (North of NW 44th Street and West of Nob Hill)
  • East side of Sunrise in the vicinity of NW 64th Avenue and Sunset Strip
  • Within the Park City community in the Town of Davie (area bound by I-595 in the North and Nova Drive in the South Pine Island Road to the West and the Arrowhead Golf Course to the East)

What should residents do?
The testing should not affect your home or business, or your sanitary sewer service. Homeowners and business owners do not need to be present during the testing, which will be performed during normal business hours. However, you MUST POUR WATER DOWN SELDOM USED DRAINS PRIOR TO THE TESTING – especially any floor drains in your home. This should prevent smoke from entering your home and setting off smoke alarms unnecessarily. Residents should be aware that some smoke may enter a home/business if the vent stack is blocked or a sewer connection is dry. If you detect smoke, don’t be alarmed, the smoke is harmless and will dissipate after several minutes. Please, simply open windows and doors to help dissipate the smoke and report it to the crews conducting the tests in your neighborhood.

Detailed product information regarding the smoke product to be used:

Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for LiquiSmoke™

MSDS and Test Data Explanation

Scientific Evaluation of LiquiSmoke™

Who do I contact for more information?
If you have any questions regarding these tests, please feel free to contact the City of Sunrise Utility Department at 954-888-6087, between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Last updated: 7/31/2019 6:48:38 AM