Sustainability Action Plan

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Download the Plan! City of Sunrise Sustainability Action PlanA Sustainable City is one that builds economic, environmental, and social prosperity while ensuring it has essential resources for future generations. 

The City of Sunrise has developed a Sustainability Action Plan - the Sunrise SAP. The Sunrise SAP provides guiding principles and recommendations to proactively increase resiliency and improve the sustainability of the City across its departments and within the community. 

The Sunrise SAP was approved for implementation by City Commission on April 23, 2019. 

Sunrise SAP Resolution

About the Sunrise SAP

The Sunrise SAP includes a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory baseline, sets municipal GHG emission reduction targets, and recommends measures to enhance sustainability within municipal operations and our community. Accomplishing the goals and recommendations of the SAP will require cooperation and teamwork of our City Departments in concurrence with the residents and businesses that make up our Sunrise Community. Over the past year and a half, the City has embarked on the development of a comprehensive SAP to guide our sustainable growth, enhance our resiliency, and support our continued economic and social vibrancy.

The SAP has been prepared with extensive input from residents, businesses, City staff, and subject matter experts. The SAP provides goals and recommendations aimed toward reducing the impacts of our built environment of government operations, homes and businesses. These goals and recommendations shall drive decisions about our selection, installation and operation utilizing best practices with infrastructure, transportation, water, food, energy and climate; as well as benefiting our social, cultural, health, and economic vibrancy.

Resource Management - managing our resources more efficientlyVulnerability - increasing our resilience to climate vulnerabilitiesSustainability - being better environmental stewards
The SAP establishes 18 goals and 94 recommendations for implementation over the next five years, broken down into three SAP Focus Areas:

  1. Resource Management with goals and recommended actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting renewable energy, increasing efficiency, and use of alternative fuels.
  2. Vulnerability with goals and recommended actions to analyze, educate, and prepare our community to be more resilient to future conditions.
  3. Sustainability with goals and recommended actions for protecting our natural resources.

The SAP sets mid-range (7% reduction by 2030) and long-range (37% reduction by 2060) greenhouse gas reduction targets, reinforcing the goals and objectives of the Mayors' Climate Action Pledge, Resilient Communities Initiative, and the U.S. Conference of Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.
Mayor's climate action pledge through the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact