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Take the Sunrise Pledge!

Pass Up Plastics City of Sunrise, Florida logoSunrise is committed to environmental stewardship and leadership and finds that it is in the public interest, safety, and welfare of our community and visitors to reduce litter and pollutants on land and in the water in our City. When discarded plastic items get littered, or caught by the wind, these items get washed into our storm drains and negatively impact our stormwater management system and waterways, and threaten wildlife and marine life.

Join the City of Sunrise in the worldwide movement to reduce waste from single-use plastics!

Take part in the Pass Up Plastics  Sunrise campaign by pledging your support (Individuals) or sharing how you are reducing  plastic pollution (Businesses). 

Individual Pass Up Plastics Pledge


Business Pass Up Plastics Pledge

Pass Up Plastics is a community-wide initiative to reduce the use of single-use plastic items like bags, beverage and takeout containers, straws, and utensils. Plastics do not biodegrade but rather slowly break down into smaller pieces of plastic (microplastics). It can take up to hundreds of years for plastic products to decompose, so pledge to Pass Up Plastics today,  and help to not pass it on to future generations.

The Plastic Problem

Plastics are the most common type of debris found in our beaches, oceans, and waterways. The volume of plastic in our oceans is projected to out-weigh marine life by 2050. Often mistaken as food by fish and birds, plastic threatens the health of marine habitats and wildlife.

How many plastics can you pass up?

(By refusing, reusing or choosing alternatives)

No plastic bagsPlastic Bags
No to plastic strawsPlastic Straws
No to plastic cups and bottlesPlastic Cups & Bottles
No to foam containersFoam Take Out Containers
No to plastic cutleryPlastic Cutlery

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