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 Preschool children reading books


Sunrise is a Community for
Quality Early Learning and Literacy

The City of Sunrise and Family Central, Inc., have joined together to implement a groundbreaking initiative to build a Community for Quality Early Learning and Literacy (C-QuELL).

C-QuELL, made possible by a major grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, promotes community collaboration to identify and address the challenges that families face in building the social, emotional, and educational foundations that can maximize a young child’s learning potential and foster a child’s later success in school and in life.

The "C-QuELL Seven"
Family Central has selected seven childcare centers in the City of Sunrise to participate in C-QuELL:

These centers receive professional mentoring and on-site coaching to help maximize teachers’ skills, improve parent engagement, and provide developmentally-appropriate, enriching learning experiences for the children. The centers work closely with their local elementary schools to identify ways that pre-kindergarten children can be better prepared for school success, and to facilitate the transition to kindergarten.

Not sure how to pick the best preschool for your family? Review the Quality Checklist for Evaluating Early Learning Programs, developed by the Florida Department of Education.

Parent Leadership Training Institute
Another key component of C-QuELL is the Parent Learning Training Institute (PLTI). The City's inaugural class of this in-depth, 20-week program launched in January 2016, with subsequent sessions hosted each year. Participants develop their leadership skills and civics knowledge, as well as the confidence they need to effectively advocate for their children. To find out how to enroll in the next PLTI session, call (954) 724-3894.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education
Numerous studies have shown the long-term value of early childhood education. According to a 2013 report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “High-quality early care and education play an important role in preparing children for success and lead to higher levels of educational attainment, career advancement and earnings.”

When children begin school unprepared, they tend to fall further and further behind. Early-learning opportunities deliver a range of cognitive and emotional benefits. Early childhood education:

  • Improves school performance
  • Raises math and language abilities
  • Sharpens thinking/attention skills
  • Reduces special education placement
  • Lowers school dropout rates
  • Improves and strengthen interactions with peers
  • Decreases problem behaviors
  • Encourages more exploratory behavior
  • Helps adjustment to the demands of formal schooling

About Family Central
Family Central, the City’s C-QuELL partner, is a comprehensive early-learning and social service agency that’s been a leader in the South Florida early learning community since 1971. For more information, visit or call (954) 720-1000.